A few of our many happy couples

Jennifer Welnick & Evan Haas

Bishops Bay Country Club

Excerpt from Rev. Connie’s Words to Jennifer & Evan
...When Jenny and Evan first met in Portland, they had no idea that they would end up spending the rest of their lives together. In fact it was Jenny’s roommate who first met Evan and, when she did, she saw a possibility.

She came home and told Jenny about Evan; however, it took an outdoor Portland Symphony concert with the “1812 Overture”and live canons, a hip hop concert at Albert Park, and a few other group outings before Evan decided it would be a good idea to ask Jenny out on a date alone. Their first official date was at the Laughing Planet Burrito

"Dear Rev. Connie,

Thank you very much for being part of our wedding celebration. The service was beautiful and was very much what we were hoping for. Both you and Jim were always easy to communicate with and we appreciate your willingness to work with us on developing a meaningful ceremony."

Thanks again,
Jennifer & Evan


Annie Chamberlain & Joseph Hampel

Gates of Heaven

Excerpt from Rev. Connie’s Words to Annie & Joe
...Annie and Joe had no idea that they would stumble on one another at, of all places, a psychology lab where they both worked in college.

Weddings Madison

One summer day, they had worked together all afternoon and had gotten to know each other. As the day came to a close, Annie said good-bye to Joe and left the building.

As Joe was getting ready to leave, he noticed something. He went over, picked up Annie’s keys, and took off after her. He was running across the campus shouting her name trying to get her attention.

As she was about to cross a street, Annie thought she heard someone calling to her. She turned around, and there was Joe delivering her left behind keys to her. As they were saying good-bye a second time, they looked into each other’s eyes just a bit longer than expected. They both remember walking away, wondering what would happen next...

"Dear Reverend Connie,

Thanks for officiating the best and most meaningful wedding ceremony we’ve ever been to! You did a truly spectacular job and we will always remember the day, and you, with great fondness. We hope you continue making other couples’ days as special and memorable as you did ours."

Much Love,
Annie & Joe


Solare O’Brien & Tanner Brethorst

Habermann Park in Lodi

Excerpt from Rev. Jim’s Words to Solare & Tanner
...Let me take you back to a magical time. On the morning of July 22, 2006, Solare and Tanner both woke up to what each of them assumed would be an ordinary day. That night Solare and a friend of her’s decided to check out a night spot on the Capital Square. At the same time, Tanner and a bunch of friends left a wedding and headed to the same night spot.

Weddings Madison

Solare’s friend knew one of the guys in Tanner’s group and so Solare and her friend went to talk to him. But it was Tanner that caught Solare’s attention for he looked real good in his suit. And Tanner immediately noticed Solare because, well, she just looked good, period!

Hours later Solare and Tanner were still talking, and Solare had a good feeling about him. She gave him her telephone number, told him she had a great time talking to him and that he should call her if he too had a good time. She left, and Tanner called her on the way home to say “Goodnight.”...

"Dear Jim,

Thanks a million for being a huge part of our wedding. We cannot thank you enough for helping us to have such a perfect and intimate wedding ceremony! We can’t think of a better ceremony than the one you performed.

Your presence, words and spirituality were a wonderful gift to us! People still talk about how great it was! We are so glad that we were able to share our story with you and you were able to share it with our guests.

Thanks for such wonderful memories."

Your Friends,
Solare & Tanner