Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Choose You?

We bring our education and training in ritual process and ceremonial design, our experience of writing and officiating over 800 wedding ceremonies since 1997, our talent and creativity which have earned us all of the prestigious awards officiants can win, and our loving hearts and joyful sense of humor to this work.

Our ceremonies are the highest quality, inspirational, engaging, delivered with warmth and charm, humor and love, with each one unique and memorable. We are easy and fun to work with, as well as professional, organized, and responsive to you. While our ceremonies are not religious, couples appreciate our knowledge of different religions, cultures and ethnic groups and our flexibility to include readings and rituals from those traditions that are very important to the couple. And when you are married, you will look back and say it was the best wedding ceremony you could have had!

Where and when do you perform ceremonies?

We officiate ceremonies Saturdays in any Dane County venue that fulfills your dreams! We do not officiate Friday or Sunday weddings, nor do we officiate weddings outside Dane County.

Do you officiate same-sex marriage ceremonies?

YES! We have officiated Commitment Ceremonies for our gay and lesbian couples since 1997. We are joyful that same-sex couples can now get legally married and experience the loving commitment that we have enjoyed in our marriage all these many years.

Will you facilitate our rehearsal?

Absolutely. A rehearsal helps the wedding party and family and friends get over any jitters or nervousness they may have about their ceremony participation. We bring organization and direction to the rehearsal, as well as humor to make it a good time, and we make sure it is completed in an hour.

How do we get a Marriage License?

We will let you know what you need to have and to do and when you need to do it so that the Marriage License is never an issue!

Are your ceremonies religious?

No. Couples who want a religious ceremony have hundreds of options in Dane County. But our ceremonies have a spiritual feel to them, and we will include a prayer if that is very important for you. But most of our ceremonies have no religion whatsoever and most guests say it is the best ceremony they have ever attended!

Can we include rituals from our culture?

Couples appreciate our willingness to include traditions and rituals that are very important to them. Past rituals we have included are a Celtic Handfasting, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Korean Duck Tossing Ceremony, Mexican “El Lasso” ritual, and African Broom Jumping. Share with us your ritual and we will include it!

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Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely! Writing your own vows makes your ceremony even more personal. If you prefer to use pre-written vows, we have a Wedding Vows Packet from which to choose or mix and match. If you want guidance, we are here to help you.

Can we include our children in the ceremony?

Absolutely. We encourage you to have the children participate as much as they can.

Do you require premarital counseling?

No. We do offer spiritual counseling as an add-on option for those who want it, but it is totally voluntary, and most couples choose not to do it.

Do the two of you ever officiate ceremonies together?

Yes, and we love doing so. We provide gender balance as we bring different energies and styles to make the ceremony an even more unique experience. If both of us are available, there is a fee to add the second officiant.

What’s the story with the Ducks?

It is a long story about how Dexter and Dharma Ducky became Good Will Ambassadors for Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants which we will gladly tell you if you want. Many couples and wedding professionals enjoy having their photos taken with them. Couples also take them on their Honeymoon and share photos on Dexter Ducky’s Facebook Page!